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Are you feeling stuck?

Hey Friends,

Are you currently feeling stuck operating and seeking funding for your nonprofit? Trust me, you are not alone.

As a nonprofit founder of 13 years, I feel stuck all the time, but I never allow myself to stay there.

Today, I just want to encourage you to give yourself grace. Yes...Grace -- you do not have to have it all together and it is okay.

So let’s get grounded and get in alignment with what your organization needs.

And the root of all of this is just being organized and just having pure clarity and confidence of what you are doing!

For a lot of us, we want and need grants (LIKE YESTERDAY) but it takes time becoming organized. And yes, I know you want it quickly, but you must put in the work of designing, implementing, and evaluating your nonprofit program. Then once you have that understanding, you can start developing your grant proposal or sponsorship deck.

I pray this word was helpful and please know I am praying for you.

If you need me, you can book me today for a 30-min consultation by clicking here.

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