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I specialize in teaching nonprofit leaders on how to craft grant proposals for their programs. Also, I offer full-service grant writing for nonprofit professionals who would like for Alana Knows Nonprofits to write the grant proposal on their behalf. 

*Payment plan included.


Grant Writing Coaching - $500 for Three Coaching Sessions

Clients will experience three intensive sessions that will help them to learn how to develop a profitable nonprofit program for future grant applications. Clients are responsible for doing homework and turning it in by due dates. In addition, clients will walk away at the final meeting with a 90-day plan, an initial grant proposal based on their homework and grant funding research tailored to the nonprofit mission statement.

Full-Service Grant Writing - $1,500

This service is ideal for emerging nonprofit clients who are grant-ready and programs are fully-developed and operating. The consultant does all the heavy lifting and will meet with the client three times for clarity, timeline development and editing purposes. This service will include a tailored grant proposal designed by the consultant and a detailed list of funders with upcoming application deadlines. 

Please Note: Clients are responsible for applying to grant opportunities. If client, would like for Alana Knows Nonprofits to apply for grants on your behalf. A retainer will be agreed upon for $150 per hour. This is ideal for clients who would prefer ongoing work.


Frequently Asked Questions about Grant Writing

How long does it take to write a grant?

The timeline depends on the complexity of the application, scope of work, etc. Generally, it takes between 4-12 weeks.


Can I pay the grant writer from awarded money/contingency?

No. It is no longer considered an ethical use of funds to pay the grant writer from awarded money, nor is it allowed by funders. It's best practice to agree and pay a fixed rate at the beginning of the project.

Do you guarantee I'll be awarded the grant?

No, funding is never a guarantee. Even if everything aligns with the heavens, the funder makes the final decision on who is and is not awarded a grant. 


How long will it take to receive awarded funds?

It can take months to receive awarded funds.

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